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You are reading pages made by really cool guys from the heart of Europe who enriched word with Pilsen beer, contact lenses, Semtex, words "robot" and "polka", Ivana Trump, Ivan Lendl, Martina Navratilova, Jaromir Jagr, Jan Zelezny, Madeleine Albright, Andy Warhol, Milos Forman, Jaroslav Heyrovsky, base of McDonalds chain and Jara da Cimrman. 50% of Arnold Schwartzenegger, 25% of Paul Newman etc. (Our apologies to those we don't mentioned here.) We inspired lot of people. Just one example for all. Albert Einstein wrote his Nobel Price awarded theory on photoelectric effect during his stay in our Charles University. One of the latest and biggest benefits to the humankind is frank and creative hate of ScrollLock key.

Welcome to Czech and Slovak ScrollLock Haters!

Whole world is living in impatience of all different kind. So not wanting to lag behind the global trend with an inability to find any satisfactory object of our hate we have found one very close to us - ScrollLock key on the computer keyboard. This key thanks to its dispensability and uselessness became the best candidate for expression of our desire for to hate something. The club of ScrollLock Haters was founded just for this purpose and associates all who also fell real and deep hate for ScrollLock key.

What you can find here?

On these pages you can find scientific articles proving incredible harmfulness of ScrollLock key. You can also find here anti ScrollLock software, recommended fighting strategies and tactics against ScrollLock key and reactions of people hating ScrollLock. Major goal of these texts is to amuse you with fight against a peace of plastics and to recreate you from everyday duties.

ScrollLock Hate in the World.

Please accept our apologies. In the present we are not able to keep these pages both in Czech and English up-to-date. With pleasure, however, we publish your e-mail supporting our theory that ScrollLock is a case of dubiousness, downfall and chaos also on the keyboards of our friends in America, Africa, Asia, Australia, Antarktis (imagine that costs for specially heated ScrollLocks) and the rest of Europe. If you have any interesting experience with ScrollLock, please, do not hesitate and mail it to us. We publish it with pleasure.

Thank you for your attention. We hope that now you also apprehend ScrollLock
with much smaller confidence than ever before. This pages
were made without using this distastefulness.
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